High Point Market - Part 1

I'm going to be breaking down High Point Market into a few different parts.  Otherwise, I would have one extremely long post and most of you would pass out on your keyboards before even getting half way through.  Today, I'm sharing the Oly showroom with you.  It is GORGEOUS from the second you walk in.  So much that you don't ever want to leave.

Here I am taking a rest.  I know, I look incredibly tired.  It was day three after all.  I swear I wanted to take a very long nap on that gorgeous Hanna daybed.  Their accessories are off the charts amazing!

This chandelier was stunning, as was everything else for that matter!

My apologies in advance for the blurry iPhone photos you are about to see. 
Trust me when I say the wall treatment in this space was fabulous!

The Alice chandelier has always caught my eye.  Perhaps for my dining room?

LOVE the artwork.  Get in my house now, you little pretty!

My lovely partner in crime, Traci Zeller, taking a rest on the Sienna chair.

So, what do you think so far?