ABC's of Lisa - Lisa Roy

It's been some time since my last ABC guest post, so today I have the lovely Lisa Roy for you!  If you have been following her blog, you will know that she recently relocated to Dubai from Muskoka, Ontario.  Talk about a change of scenery!  She's a former magazine and art director who now designs handbags.  You will adore her blog filled with beautiful homes, decor and life in Dubai.  Be sure to stop on by her blog and say 'hello'!  Trust me, you'll be hooked in no time!

Age: 43
Best vacation: my first trip to France in 2001 - seeing that Eiffel tower and driving from Paris through Provence to the Cote d'Azur, I was smitten forever

Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom - particularly the shower
Dogs or Cats: definitely dogs - we had a shitzu-poodle named Martha (yes, named after Martha Stewart) who was so smart, she knew every one of her 20 toys by name - we called her our Einstein puppy

Essential start of your day: breakfast - usually cereal with strawberries or oatmeal but I just bought a new blender so I've been whipping up smoothies lately
Favorite flower: peonies

Greatest film: Something's Gotta Give (just the decor alone makes it worth watching over and over)

Height: 5'4" - I always wanted to be just a couple of inches taller
Instruments {you play or have played}: piano from childhood and saxophone through high school
Job you'd love to have: own a cute home decor shop (with handbags!) in a seaside town
Kids: none but I would love a furry one again someday
Live: currently Dubai, UAE but I'm missing our place in Muskoka, Canada

Mom's name: Eila
Nickname: Chachi - long story (or Liliputti by my parents)
Overnight hospital stays: when I had my appendix out when I was 10.
Pet peeve: rude and condescending people
Quote: this one pretty much sums it up for me...
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: one sister 6 years older and one brother 12 years older
Time you wake up: depends on the day but I'm usually out of bed by 8:30
University attended: Sheridan College in Oakville (graphic design) after a short mistaken stint at University of Guelph (biological science)
Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts and turnips
What makes you run late: waiting for my guy! It takes him longer to get ready than it takes me!
X-rays: chest, appendix, teeth; CT scans for my headaches
Yummy food you make: I hear my lasagna is pretty darn good and my banana bread

Zoo animal: baby monkeys but I also love the grace of giraffes

Thank you so much, Lisa, for being my guest today!  I am pinning that quote!!!  Yep, Paris is my favorite city and my best vacation.  Really, what's not to love about it?!  And, you don't even want to know how many times I've watched Something's Gotta Give to stare at the decor!  I hope you get a furry friend again one day, too.  Loved learning more about you.  xo

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