ABC's of Tina: The Enchanted Home

'Enchanted' is how you will feel today after reading more about one of my favorite bloggers, Tina from The Enchanted Home.  Please tell my you have all been reading her gorgeous blog!  Surely your jaw has been dropping as you have watched her build her dream home.  To say it is spectacular is an understatement.  In fact, Tina happens to be one of the most humble and kind bloggers out there.  Not only does Tina take us on her journey of building her dream home, she also shares some beautiful design inspiration and fabulous finds along the way!  Doesn't get much better than that, my friends!

I love this photo she took of the exterior of her new home.  So, so stunning!

Age:  46, yikes that sounds old but I promise you I feel like I am in my 30's
Best vacation:  This is hard because I have been lucky to have gone on some seriously amazing ones, but think my favorite with my family was when we went to Hawaii for almost 2 blissful weeks and the best trip with just my hubby and I was to Napa Valley, totally utter relaxation!

Chore you hate:  Unloading a dishwasher..ugh!
Dogs are cats:  Most definitely dogs, cats kind of scare me. Besides, Teddy is "the bomb"!

Essential part of your day:  COFFEE (Ideally Peets as a first choice, Starbucks as a close second) and that "ahhhh" I let out the minute I hit my cozy bed!

Favorite flower:  This is a three way even steven tie between white orchids, hydrangeas and peonies ( are you sensing by now I have a hard time coming up with just ONE thing…sorry Marianne)

Greatest film:  I really have about 10 faves, seriously cannot name just one. But a few contenders, The English Patient, Somethings Gotta Give, The Namesake, The Age of Innocence
Height:  5'5" (if I am standing real straight)
Instruments you have played:  guitar, and a little piano
Job you'd love to have:  To be a screenwriter ala Nancy Meyers OR a producer OR being an Ina Garten
Kids:  My three sons…..they keep me feeling alive and young (well... most of the time)
Live:  Long Island, NY
Moms name:  Mimi
Nickname:  "Baby' (my parents call me that) "Mean mom" (when my kids are mad at me)
Overnight hospital stays:  I feel blessed to say none that I can remember (actually just remembered when I was very young, I had tubes put in my ears)
Pet peeve:  I am afraid to say I have many but amongst those, a few big ones for me are dirty nails, bad manners and rude people who think they are superior or talk down to people (makes me cringe)
Right or left handed:  right
Siblings:  Only one sister, one year younger
Time you wake up:  Do you really want to know? Lately about 4:30-5:15, scary I know!
University Attended:  UCLA
Vegetables you dislike:  Beets
What makes you run late:  Not fitting into something I really wanted to wear (do I really think spending the extra time fuming about it is going to make me shed 20 pounds in 20 minutes)
Xrays:  Only a recent cat scan for my migraines and x rays at my last dental check up.
Yummy food you make:  Well…I love to cook and make a mean gumbo, a "crazy good" (according to my kids) Bolognese sauce, and a really delicious Chicken Scarpiello.

Zoo animal:  Definitely the chimps…I actually always wanted one, until I realized they are as much maintenance as most humans!


Thank you again, Tina, for being my gracious guest today!  Teddy certainly is 'the bomb' and your dream job... sounds perfect!  I think most of us can relate to running late due to not fitting into something we want to wear, especially this time of year with so many tasty treats to indulge in!  I know I am guilty of this one!

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