My Christmas Baking

Last Friday, I mentioned I'd be spending the weekend baking with my sister.  That would be 2 straight days of baking and candy making.  We listen to Christmas music, laugh a lot, and are amazed at how much sugar and butter is used each year.  Trust me, you don't even want to know!  This has been a tradition in my family for well over 65 years.  It goes way back.  This year we made 20 different varieties.  That may sound like a lot, but to us it's not that many.  In years past, we were known to make over 50 different things, but we had my mom helping and she is no longer with us.  We give them all away, although I do admit we eat our fair share of them, too!

The cookies get wrapped in waxed tissue and boxed up in kraft brown boxes.  This year I used simple bakers twine, a sprig of boxwood and a pretty tag to top them off.

It may be exhausting, but we have so much fun!