Have you tried the shellac manicure?  I'm telling you, it is amazing and lasts for 14 days!  The salon I go to calls it the Fab 14, and fab it is.  This is the second time I've done this and have been extremely pleased with the results.  It is nearly impossible to damage.  It's dried under UV lights and immediately you can dig through your bag for your keys or wallet and you will not have a single scratch or smudge.  Genius!

Forgot to take a photo on day one, but here are my nails 7 days later.  Still shiny and undamaged.  With a normal manicure, I'm lucky to make it 4 days.

A little side note:  I never use dark colors on my fingernails, usually only a pale pink, but I was feeling a little edgy that day and went with a dark color, it's like the color of eggplant.  Surprisingly, I really like it.  Never hurts to try something new, now does it?!

I'll be sure to take another photo on day 14 before I have it removed and reapplied again.

So tell me, have you tried the shellac manicure?

Marianne SimonMe Time, Spa