Around Town

My niece has been staying with me the last few days during her Spring Break and we spent yesterday acting like tourists in our own city.  Here are a few highlights from our day.  {these are iPhone pics, so not the best quality}

As you can see, a dreary day, but it doesn't keep us from Pike Place Market.

Yours truly with famous Rachel the Pig.

The most enormous tulips.  So pretty!

Yummy steamed pot stickers.

We even went up the Space Needle, something I haven't done in years!

View from the top.

Shared this little number after dinner.

Then back to the house for some snuggling with the dogs.  Lily Cler loves being held all the time.  Not kidding about this one.  I think my niece got tired of holding her.

We have a lot more things planned for today, so we better get moving.  Happy Weekend to you all!