Aye, Calypso

I must admit I was pretty disappointed with the Calypso St. Barth collaboration with Target.  I should have known better.  To make up for it, I'm sharing a few things from their website that I actually want to buy.  No, none of this is at Target.  And, why do I always have the John Denver song from 1975, Calypso, stuck in my head when I think of the name? 

1. Rocky Ring, the perfect statement piece   2. Love the colors, pattern and shape of this Kuba Jaipuri Pouf   3. Filippa Scarfa must have for cooler evenings   4. I want to wrap myself up in this luxurious Royal Beach Towel   5. Benitoz Tote, like I need another tote!   6. These Zanzibar Sandals  are casual with a little sparkle   7. Lunda Necklace, what more can I say about this gorgeous bauble!