ABC's Of Me

I've seen a few versions of this around blog land and decided to put my own spin on it.  Some things might surprise you or simply make you laugh, but thought this would be a fun way for you to learn more about me!

Age: 41
Best vacation: Paris with my mom in 2008.  We took a pastry class at Le Cordon Bleu!  So glad I got the chance to do this with her, she passed away the following year.

{Yours truly at Le Cordon Bleu}

Chore you hate:  folding laundry
Dogs: Charlotte Grace {Maltese} 8 and Lily Cler {Chihuahua} 3 - Lily Cler was my mom's dog that I adopted.  She got her right after we returned from Paris, hence the Mexican dog with the French name! 

Essential start of your day:  black tea with unsweetened soy milk and licks from the tiny dogs
Favorite flower: pink peonies
Greatest film:  Cinema Paradiso, it's Italian and subtitled. If you haven't seen it, put it on your list!
Height: 5'7
Instruments {you play or have played}: Viola in elementary school and the Clarinet, back in junior high
Job you'd love to have:  Ina Garten's!

Kids:  Just the 2 fur babies
Live: Bellevue, WA
Mom's name:  Penny

{Paris, 2008}

Nickname: M, and my Dad calls me Moi {french for 'me'}
Overnight hospital stays: Unfortunately, right ankle fracture a few years ago {orthopedic surgeon said it was the worst fracture he had ever seen, yikes!}  It's full of titanium and my high heel days are long over, very sad.  More surgeries to come on it.  :(
Pet peeve: bad manners, people who don't follow through and ignorance

Right or left handed: right
Siblings: older sister, Melanie and younger brother, John

{that's me on the left, the pale one with short curly hair, circa 1971}

Time you wake up:  Between 6:30-7:00am
University attended:  University of Washington- Go Huskies!

Vegetables you dislike:  cooked peas and carrots, but I love them raw
What makes you run late:  dogs not wanting to come back into the house {I've been known to turn the sprinkler system on and they come running in}
X-rays: many on my right ankle, and my teeth of course
Yummy food you make:  roast chicken and blackberry pie
Zoo animal:  elephants

{Even at a young age, that's me in the middle looking back at the elephant,  I loved elephants,
circa 1972.  Not sure why we're dressed like Neapolitan ice cream!}

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me.

Stay tuned... this is going to be a new series here featuring other fabulous bloggers!!!

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