Proud + A Surprise

Words cannot even describe how proud I am of my niece, Ashley.  So much that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her.  She just graduated from high school on Saturday with honors!  If I was to imagine the perfect child, Ashley would be it.  She is incredibly smart {straight A student}, beautiful, down to earth, has the most contagious laugh, wise beyond her years, a superstar tennis player, talented pianist and yes, a future orthopedic surgeon.  With my ankle, you all know I could use a good orthopedic surgeon in the family!  She is one of those kids who always sees the best in a person, never judges a book by it's cover, and is dedicated beyond belief.  I know this girl will go very far in life and feel so incredibly blessed to be her aunt.

Here's the surprise part...

In honor of her graduation, and the fact that I have no human children of my own, I surprised her with a one week 5-star vacation!  My original plan was to take her to Tokyo, which she has always wanted to visit, but due to the recent earthquake I quickly had to change gears.  Forgot to mention she speaks Japanese, too!  So, plan B is to the Hawaiian Island of Maui, where next month we'll be living it up here...

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  I have been to Maui before, but have not stayed at this resort.  This will be Ashley's first trip to Hawaii.  All I can say is bring on the pampering, lounging by the pool and plenty of sunshine in pure paradise!

Now, my nephew will be plotting on where I'm taking him when he graduates in 3 years!  Cannot wait to see what he comes up with!

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