ABC's of Monika - Splendid Willow

First of all, can I just tell you how much I adore today's guest - Monika from Splendid Willow.  I am so happy to have a fabulous fellow blogger friend live so close to me.  Whenever we get together it's always a good time!  I promise, you'd love her too if you don't already!  This busy mom of three darling kiddos also runs her online boutique, Splendid Willow Avenue.  Be sure to pay it a visit!  Oh, and did you see her home featured in Rue?  Love it!  Alright, without further ado, let's get to know more about Monika...

Age:  In my happy & sassy forties! (I insist it gets better and better!)
Best vacation:  I am very blessed and have been to some amazing spots all over the world. But I am really looking forward to a romantic vacation with just my husband. Has not happened in 9 years. We are due!
Chore you hate:  I don't mind washing clothes or folding them. But I procrastinate when it comes to putting neatly folded clothes away. All that hard work and then it stops. What is that all about?
Dogs or Cats:  Cats (Our spoiled cat Charlie Parker).

Essential start of your day:  Green tea or a green smoothie. And great morning hugs.

Favorite flower:  "Blaaklint" (Swedish flower), peonies and multi leaved tulips.

Greatest film:Anyting with Gary Oldman in it. I am a huge fan.

Height:  5'3"
Instruments {you play or have played}:  My husband claims I am tone deaf. I admit I am not good with instruments (drove my piano teacher insane) but I sing out loud all the time!
Job you'd love to have:  Something secretive and under the radar. I would make a really good detective.

Kids:  Love them! Happy mother of three. (Frida 9, Elsa 7, William 4).

Live:  Sammamish, WA. (15 minutes away from Marianne).
Mom's name:  Elfriede. She is from Vienna, Austria.
Nickname:  Mon, Maans (only by childhood friends!).
Overnight hospital stays:  I had a knee surgery when I was 18 due to skiing and had to stay a few nights. That's about it - except for quick over-night stays when I gave birth to my children.
Pet peeve:  Judgmental people.
Quote:  Work hard (in everything), be kind and laugh. My own personal life mantra. All three are needed for true happiness, in my opinion. (I made my own life statement painting and hung it above our bed. I also added "And Wake Up and Make The World Go Around").

Right or left handed:  Right.
Siblings:  Big brother - Erik. He has the best sense of humor on the planet!
Time you wake up:  Anytime between 6 and 7.
University attended:  Stockholm University and RMI Berghs (Public Relations).
Vegetables you dislike:  No such thing. I like them all!
What makes you run late:  Me! I am the worst time optimist.
X-rays:  Quite a few. I have been scanned from top to toe for all kinds of weird and scary things. I think doctors sometimes tend to go overboard with this stuff.
Yummy food you make:  I am pretty good at fancy food. But would like to improve my basic food recipes.
Zoo animal:  Red Panda. I am obsessed with that animal. I am convinced I have been one in an earlier life. (The red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat and is native to the Eastern Himalayas and southwestern China).

But I seem to attract Llamas. On a trip to the local Zoo a Llama showered me with his/her entire breakfast! My kids laughed so hard I thought they were going to stop breathing. I have been a target of Llamas on three different occasions.

Thank you so much for including me in your fabulous series, Marianne! But the spotlight should really be on YOU! You are a gem my friend.

Thank you, thank you, Monika.  I think you're a real gem too!  So fun learning some new things about you.  Looking forward to our next get together and I promise it won't involve Llamas!  xo

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