ABC's of Stephanie: Sabbe Interior Design

This week I have another amazing designer to share with you, Stephanie of Sabbe Interior Design.  I do not know how this busy mom does it all.  From interior design, reupholstering furniture, sewing, being a new mom and toss in a recent move, I'm not sure there is anything she can't do!  I sure hope you read her blog, because it is filled with so much inspiration!  If not, be sure to stop over and say hello.  You'll be happy you did!

Best vacation: Backpacking around Europe with my husband, before he was my husband. We were babies.

Chore you hate: all of them:) My number one is the cleaning tub. Two is the toilet. Three is ironing.
Dogs or Cats: Cats
Essential start of your day: Coffee
Favorite flower: Peonies. We used them all over our wedding.

Greatest film: Big Fish
Height: 5'-3"
Instruments {you play or have played}: Violin, 5th grade. I thought I was the bomb. Last year I watched an old home video my mom had, I was not the bomb.
Job you'd love to have: Actor on SNL
Kids: a 4 month old little nugget, Remi!

Live: Boston, MA

Mom's name: Lola
Nickname: Sabbe, before I was married it was French Fry (maiden name is Frye)
Overnight hospital stays: Appendix in college, is it weird that I loved my stay there and didn't want to go home? Baby last Spring, didn't want to go home that time either. I think I like nurses taking care of me. Good sign for my golden years.

Pet peeve: people clipping their fingernails in cubicle neighbor at one of the firms I worked for used to include that in his afternoon routine, yak!
Quote: Hope my preacher isn't reading this..."B**ches get stuff done"- ala Tina Fey. I've trimmed back on that one since the baby came, but it makes us laugh every time, because it's so true.
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: brothers
Time you wake up: Varies, usually around 7:30. If Remi kept me up all night, I cuddle him into letting me sleep until 8:30-9.
University attended: University of Tennessee, Knoxville...GO Vols!

Vegetables you dislike: Peas
What makes you run late: The T! our train in Boston. I live on the green line. I can pretty much outrun it on foot and I'm not very fast.
X-rays: I have scoliosis, my spine looks like a question mark. I've seen it.
Yummy food you make: I asked my husband, he says chicken. I like to think I'm a chicken expert.
Zoo animal: Zebra!

Stephanie, thank you so much for being my guest today!  I really enjoy getting to know you better.  I just love seeing photo updates of Remi, he is just the cutest little thing!  On another note, I cannot believe someone would clip their fingernails every day at work - I'm gagging over here!  I'm also stealing your favorite quote.  Absolutely priceless and it is so true!  xo

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