ABC's of Christine: Bijou and Boheme

Today, my friends, you're in for a special treat!  The ever so stylish and talented Christine from Bijou and Boheme is here sharing her ABC's with us.  If you haven't heard of her, well, you're probably living under a rock.  Her blog is filled with the most stunning inspiration and the way she tells a story is so captivating.  I swear she should write a book!  She recently finished a major kitchen remodel, which I'm dying to see more of.  I'm sure it's going to be published in a top magazine and can't wait to see the entire completed project!  So, without further ado, let's get to know more about the lovely Christine...

Age: the heck did that happen?  I swear I was 27 yesterday morning...and then I woke up today and it seems as though a decade has passed...not cool.
Best vacation: My honeymoon...London, Paris, Brussels and Brugges.  This was the first and biggest trip I'd ever taken...the beauty of it all just simply overwhelmed did the 2 bottles of wine hubs and I consumed each and every day...ah well...we were young (er)...Brugges was my favourite stop- insanely gorgeous.

Chore you hate: Laundry...I just don't do's not the actual cleaning I despise, it's the putting away...if you saw my pile of clean clothes in the basement, you might not like me as much...or maybe you'd like me more;)
Dogs or Cats: 100% without even a hint of hesitation dogs...I don't enjoy cats...they're too university roommate brought one home and it used to leap and literally hang by it's claws from my back as I did dishes...I also found out that the apartment we lived in at the time has been bulldozed because it was full of asbestos so let's just say, I don't have good associations with cats.  
Essential start of your day: I need a cup of coffee in bed before I get out of it...a morning peruse of the web via my laptop appendage is also a must.

Favorite flower: I have a few...I'd say my absolute favourite are peonies, followed very closely by orchids...I don't think I've gone more than a week without a potted orchid in my house. I'm actually in the middle of a great  experiment...instead of buying my usual $30 orchid from the grocery store, I invested in a $100 beauty, which apparently should last a lifetime...I'm on month 3 and it's still full of glorious blooms...I'm hoping the orchid gods are appreciative of my resolve and will reward me with one that never dies.

Greatest film: Hum...I'm not sure I can possibly narrow that down...let's go with The Wizard of Oz for now...chalk that selection up to nostalgia..memories of my childhood are entrenched around its various screenings.
Height: 5'3"...I'm short...but I like it that way.
Instruments {you play or have played}: I used to play the piano...back in the when I was 10.  I can still play one song and I feel like a rockstar everytime I do...I wish I had learned to play more and if I could bestow one gift on my kids, it would be that they end up musical and/or artistic.  My 16 year old can play a song on her bass just from hearing it (though I can't take any credit for this since we don't share any DNA,) and my younger daughter is a colouring ace, so I'm doing well with that wish so far...the boy menace on the other hand, not sure about him...he likes dirt.
Job you'd love to have: Blogging has opened up career dreams I never had before...I know now that I'd love to be the creative/art director of a magazine...adore finding fabulous fonts and laying out pretty things...I'd also love to work for a renowned design firm...or have my own boutique in NY...all of things might totally come true one day...if I keep saying it, totally possible right;)
Kids:  I have 3.  My oldest is Natasha...she's 16.  I was her grade three teacher way back when and through this crazy game called life, I ended up adopting her 5 years ago.  I learn something from her every minute of every day and am quite sure she's more evolved than most other people...I count myself very lucky to have this girl in my life...she's the true balance beam of our family and always manages to bring us all back to center.  My 2nd is Scarlett...she's 5...she was my first born and is just hard to even describe...feisty and dramatic...she's pure entertainment...I'm quite sure she's cornered the market on facial expressions...the girl can talk without saying a word just from her repertoire of eyebrow formations.  And lastly, there's is Malcolm...or Mac as we call him...he's 3...the boy of the family...he's a tad insane but we love him to the ends of the earth...whoever came up with the saying 'thank heavens for little boys' had it dead on the money...they are simply divine.  He's a sensitive, emotional, hilarious ball of love.  My kids are the reason I'm alive...I'd have 10 if I could...well maybe not 10...I'd have to move and I love my new kitchen too much for that...let's say 5...I'd have that many kidlets if I could.
Live: I live in Oakville, Ontario- about 25 minutes from's a small town with a gorgeous historic downtown and pretty tree lines streets...we like it here.
Mom's name: Maureen.
Nickname: I was called Cricket in university...or maiden name was Boyne so that one's not a old boyfriend used to call me Steener.
Overnight hospital stays: I had my tonsils out when I was a kid...and I stayed overnight with both of my deliveries...and on that subject, let me just say that when you have a baby at 8pm, you should get to stay in the hospital for more than just that first night...with both kids I was out after about 15 hours...insanity.
Pet peeve: I'm sorry to my husband if he's actually reading this but my biggest one is when he slurps his literally drives me to the point of total mania...I've recently heard that there's a name for people who are bothered by eating sounds...whatever that psychological affliction is called...I have it.
Quote: "It's better to look good than to feel good and darling, I look marvelous" seems so frivolous/shallow of me to pick that one but there's something about it that's always stuck with me...there's an air of optimism about it that I love.

Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: sister Sara...she's two year's younger than me and absolutely my best friend...I consider siblings to be among life's greatest gifts...I can't imagine my life without her.
Time you wake up: 6:30- 7ish...but that doesn't count the almost daily 5 am wake up call from our little Mac Attack.
University attended: Bishop's University (psychology) and the University of Maine (teaching)
Vegetables you dislike: Turnip and Rapini...HATE the later with a fiery passion.
What makes you run late: Getting the kids ready for school in the morning...getting them dressed, packing lunches, finding the shoes that my dog has carried away, going through the class mail/forms etc., trying to get my blog post up...I'm always running around like a chicken with it's head cut of...and I mean every single morning...without fail...PS, I need a better system.
X-rays: Many...I have genetically thin bones so have density scans all the time...I broke 5 toes and my foot when I was a kids so there were those...I've had chest x-rays a few times for various and sundry reasons...I'm pretty sure if I added up all the radiological tests I've had over the years, I'd scare myself.
Yummy food you make: I make a crazy good Thai curry...also not bad at chili.
Zoo animal: I have mixed feelings about this one...I don't really love zoos...the chimps make me cry every single time...I just don't think animals that are as obviously intelligent as they are should be caged up...really don't think any animal should be for that matter...the whales make me ridiculously sad as well.  I enjoy the zebras and leopards though...pretty fur- ha!

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Thank you so much Marianne for having me...this was a delight to put together and I'm honoured to take part in this, one of my favourite series!  xo

See, what did I tell you... Christine is amazing! 

Thank you, Christine, for being my guest today!  I really enjoyed getting to know more about you and your family.  I know you are a very proud momma to those three remarkable children!  xo

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