From Sweden

I met up with my dear friend Monika from Splendid Willow last Friday night to catch up and hear about her recent trip to Sweden.  We had such a great time talking and laughing over drinks and more food than we care to admit ordering.  She pulled out a box from her bag and presented me with this gorgeous acorn vase.  I cannot even tell you how much I adore it.  Since acorns aren't in season right now, I placed a flowering branch in it and set it on a stack of my favorite books.  Isn't it lovely?!

Even the packaging from the store was so beautiful.  I'm a sucker for great packaging!

Come October, when acorns are in season, I'll be placing one in my vase to watch it grow.  
The simple beauty of it is so captivating.

Thank you again, Monika, for such a thoughtful and incredible gift!