J.K. Place Firenze

If you read most of my posts, you will know that I mentioned one of my clients went to Italy recently and stayed at my dream hotel, J.K. Place.  I was so excited when she brought me back a reprint of the Architectural Digest article that ran in the Italian edition.  I've read the entire reprint, more than once, and have stared at all of the images more times than I dare to admit.  Thought I'd share all of the pages with you so you can drool over them as well.  It is incredible!  We are also going to be incorporating some things she brought back from her trip into her design plan and can't wait for it all to come together!!!

Can you even stand how stunning this place is?!!!

Thank you again, C.A., I absolutely treasure this!  I have the best clients ever and feel so lucky I get to wake up every day and do what I do.  Truly blessed.

Marianne SimonTravel