ABC's of Melissa: Veranda Interiors

My guest today, Melissa from Veranda Interiors, just got back from her annual month-long trip to Maui.  Sigh...  Doesn't that sound like a dream?!  Melissa happens to be a talented designer and recently moved into her new home in Calgary.  Have you seen it?   It's stunning to say the least.  The homes she and her husband build are incredible and she doesn't miss a beat when it comes to details.   Gotta love that!

Well, if you ask me in person, or my children you will get the answer of 30...if you check the birth certificate it might say 34.

Best vacation: 
Maui, the main reason we go back year after year!!! We are hoping to buy a place there in the next year or two and eventually spend a few months a year there, it already feels like home.
Chore you hate:
Ironing, even though I love my laundry room this is one task I do not take on...anyways, that is what the dry cleaner is for, right?

Dogs or cats: 
Dogs!! We had Lola the Pug for years and I miss her so.

Essential part of your day: 
The first part of my morning, it is my 'me time'. I wake up everyday at 5:30, head to my gym, get in my workout. Once that is done it is coffee & blog time. I usually can have a good hour of peace and quiet before the house wakes up and my day starts going!

Favorite flower:
Persian Buttercups (ranunculus). They were not in season when the Hubs and I were married but they managed to find a few to add to my bouquet. If I could have vases filled daily with them I would!You can see them peeking through my bouquet below, I also mixed in rosemary, sage, thyme, and other herbs along with...the flowers are still one of my favorite items from our wedding 7 year later. 

Greatest film: 
All That Jazz

5'10" and yes, I love heels.

Instrument you play or have played: 
Flute and violin, neither well or mastered.

Job you'd love to have: 
To be an executive chef of a fantastic restaurant, oh, and yes, I would have a few top rated cook books too, and we can toss in a weekly televisions show while we are at it.

W who is 5 and my Hubs minni-me & M who is 3 and my little tornado!

Calgary, Alberta most of the year and Branson, Missouri in the summer

Mom's name: 
Cecilia Elisabeth, I call her mom.

Missi, that is actually what I went by till I moved to NYC when I was 18 and felt that Missi was too 'Mid-West', I felt Melissa was more mature...and I got sick of people calling me Misty, but now they just call me Alyssa.

Overnight hospital stays: 
The birth of both the boys, but I didn't stay longer than 1 second pass the 24 hour minimum...I hate hospitals.

Pet peeve:
Hearing people chew food, especially the hubs when I am trying to work.

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

Right or left handed: 

I am the youngest of 7, 3 sisters & 3 brothers, which now includes 1 brother-in-law, 3 sister-in-laws, 8 nephews, and 3 nieces...I love my big ol' family!

Time you wake up:
 5:30 am

University attended: 
School of Visual Arts in NYC
Vegetables you dislike:
Honestly, there is not one veg I do not like.

What makes you run late: 
Life...and traffic

Ankle from when I broke it, Back from when I tweaked it, Teeth from yearly exams

Yummy food you make:
I'll admit I am a pretty good cook, it is a passion of mine. But I think of of the best things I make is a roasted veggie orzo salad, I don't have a pic (since it never last) but trust me, it is a killer dish. You can find it here. Oh, and if I ever post a recipe on my blog it will be awesomeballs...promises!!!

Zoo Animal:
Giraffes, from their adorable faces to the killer pattern they rock.


Thank you, Melissa!  Your boys are so darling!  I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in person in a few months in NYC!  It will be here before we know it!  So excited.  Our dream jobs are the same, plus we both broke our ankles.  Many, many things in common, I knew I liked you!  Thank you so much for sharing more about you with my readers.  xo

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