ABC's of Luciane: Home Bunch

The lovely Luciane from Home Bunch is here today sharing her ABC's with us.  You can always find beautiful design inspiration on her blog and she always seems to find homes we have never seen before. Love that!  She recently had her third baby, Matthew, and I don't know how she does it all.   Luciane, take it away... 

Age: Does it need to be the first question? Can't we get to know each other a little better first? Let's see if you're good with Math: 458X9+58-800-4000+620+30=? Are you tired yet?    


Best Vacation: The first time my husband and I went to Victoria, BC. We're dating and that's the place I found out I was in love with him.


Chore you hate: Clean showers! It's beyond hate! I swear every time that if I win the lottery I will never, ever scrub any shower ever again! I say lottery, because that guarantees I will have extra help every day for the rest of my life.


Dogs or cats? I love animals and I had a dog and a cat when I was a child. So, both.  

Essential part of your day: I used to love my breakfast. That was the time to just relax, read my favorite magazine and savour my coffee. But having a baby and a blog has changed it a little and now, my very favorite part of the day is when I'm showering and analyzing my day, making plans and dreaming. Do you guys do that during the shower too?    

Favorite flower: I love white tulips!


Greatest film: Have you seen "The Smurfs"? I just watched it with my kids and I laughed so much! "Gargamel" had some really funny moments! But when it comes to "greatest" film I have to say "The Notebook". It made me cry like a baby and touched my heart. I love that movie, the story is beautiful and the actors were great. Although I'm more into comedy lately. I want to laugh and have fun!  

 Height: Let's put it in a "sweet" way, I'm petite.


Instrument you play or have played: I tried to play guitar once and you can imagine how pathetic that was. In another words, I don't play any instrument.  

Job you'd like to have: I'm so happy to be what I am at this moment. I used to be an elementary teacher in Brazil and I had such a wonderful time teaching, but I'm doing what I love right now, which is designing and blogging.  

 Kids: We have three kids: Sean, Ashley and our baby, Matthew.


 Live: Canada


Mom's name: I have two: Edith (my super mom) and my grandmother, Maria.

Nickname: It's not really a nickname, but my close friends and family call me "Lu", short for "Luciane".  

Overnight hospital stays: Only to give birth!

Pet peeve: rude people in general. I can't stand people that mistreat others, and I have zero tolerance for people that disrespect the elder.

Quote: Enjoy yourself -- it's later than you think. Socrates

Right or left handed: Right. Siblings: I have an older sister, Cynthia. She's also my best friend.  

Time you wake up: Did I mention I have a baby? He's my alarm clock, it's all up to him! But never later than 8 am _ unfortunately. You have no idea how much I miss my teenager years when I slept until noon during the weekends. Good times!

University attended: It was in Brazil.


Vegetables you dislike: I can't think of any I don't like, mind you I don't love any neither, but I've learned to eat them. Thanks, mom!

What makes you run late: my blog! I'm always checking things here and there and when I see, I'm late! 

X-rays: Avoid them! It's insane how often doctors ask for it lately, especially for kids. They can't cough and they're asking for X-rays to see if they're having pneumonia. It happened a couple of times with me here. Insane!

Yummy food you make: I can make a really good lamb (with red wine sauce) and a Dark Chocolate Charlotte cake. But I must say that my husband is the cook around here.


Zoo animal: I love lions. They always look so lazy, just there, under the sun... waiting for their big piece of meat at the end of the day. Oh, life!



See, what did I tell you... Luciane is fabulous!!  Thank you again for being my guest today.  Loved having you here and learning more about you!  xo

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