Around The House: My Garden

My prayers have finally been answered and we are actually having gorgeous, sunny weather!  I know, shocking, but we really deserve it.  I'd like to mention that yesterday was the first day we hit 70 degrees since last September!!!  I'm taking every advantage of it and spending as much time as I can outdoors.  I took a trip to one of my favorite nurseries, Ravenna Gardens, over the weekend and here are some things I came home with.

This twig basket hangs on my gate leading to my back yard.  You see it when you're in my driveway, so I like it to look nice.  This is the second year I've had the basket and it holds up so well in our weather.  I simply pop in 3 plants, keep them in their containers for easy swap out, add a little Spanish moss and voila... done in seconds flat.  Love that!

After having the same urn on my front porch for the last 8 years, I decided it was time for an update.  I love the simple shape of this one and having just one simple boxwood globe in it.  Anyone know how to get rust out of concrete?  The old one left a horrible stain.  P.S. can you see Charlotte peeking out the window?

Here's a pretty pink camellia in bloom in the front yard.

A few more things left to plant... a rosemary topiary, thyme, Italian parsley and mint.  Note on the mint... always plant it in a container.  It will take over your beds if you plant it in the ground.

Ok, enough on the computer.  It's back outside for me, I've got more planting to do!