ABC's with Mary Ann: Classic Casual Home

Are you ready for another installment of ABC's?  I'm so elated to have Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home here today.  We have become friends through this crazy world of blogging and have had the opportunity to chat on the phone.  I swear, I could talk to her for hours on end.  She is fabulous!!!

Thank you so much for inviting me over, Marianne.   I love your design aesthetic and genuineness...
I know your readers feel the same way about you as I do.  You are awesome!

Let me sing my ABC's....

Age:  Fifty five (but you wouldn't know it by my maturity level).

Best vacation: Banyon Tree Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Talk about exotic luxury!  We had a two bedroom villa (our kids were with us) where you just stepped 
out of our bedroom into our private pool.  Everyday, they stocked the kitchen with fruits 
we had never seen before.  There was a private outdoor shower, too.

Every night, candles were lit around our pool.
One night, we a catered barbecued dinner poolside...and it was amazing.

This was the nearby beach, where later in the day the young beach attendants would play soccer with our son (he was 8 years old and brought his soccer ball with him everywhere)...they all had fun...and we had fun watching them and sipping cold fruit cocktails as the sun set.

Chores you hate:  paying bills

Dogs or Cats:

Dogs who enjoy a cold one.  

Essential Part of your day:  Exercise, either the steps at the beach with friends or a mountain hike.

...and that first cappuccino from my Nespresso machine.  Do you have one?  They are great!

Favorite flower: The roses that are growing in my yard right now are amazing.  I picked each rose bush based on their scent.

Greatest film:  Basically any Will Ferrell, Steve Martin or Ben Stiller movie after a holiday dinner with my family. 

Height:  5'1" (but I still make my much taller children bend down to place their heads on my shoulder for a hug).

Instrument you have played:  Piano, poorly.

Job you would love to have:  Ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins.  My cousin, Patricia, did this in high school and I was envious.  She got to drink all the left overs in the milk shake blender.

Kids:  Alexandra and Thomas.  They are coming home soon for my husband's birthday and I'm excited to see them!

Live:  In Mammoth Lakes (hiking photo above) and on Lido Isle in Newport Beach, California...blissfully.

Mom's Name:  Louise (on the right, cute, huh?).  
She lives in San Diego with my sister, Teresa on the left and with Ginger and Gus.  I helped them decorate their home and I want to feature it...but most of the time when I go there I just chill and don't get any good photos.

Nickname:  Maresy, (do you get called this Marianne?)

Overnight hospital stays:  I had breast cancer when I was just 38 years old.  That was 17 years ago and I feel great.  Remember to do a monthly self exam...that's how I found it.  I was also in the hospital for my two babies.

Pet peeve:  Uncourteous (discourteous? which is it?) people.  Like that couple in the crowded Costco who cut in line in front of me...COME ON, REALLY!

Quote:   "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." 
~ William Morris 

Right handed

Siblings: Reneé, Jim, Joe, John and Teresa...I love them all.

Time you wake up:  3 am, start unproductive thinking, count from 100 backwards, then sleep until about 7 am.  Hormones, they'll getcha.

University attended:  Santa Clara University

Vegetables you dislike: either like them or you don't.  Which are you?

What makes you run late:  reading ...

X-rays: teeth, mammograms, airport

Yummy food you make:  pancakes with with Canadian syrup, I warm it in the little pitcher.

Zoo animal:  giraffes...the world's tallest mammal.  


Thanks for having me over to say my ABC's, Marianne.  
Stop by my place anytime...for a virtual cappuccino and a pancake.


Thank you so much, Mary Ann.  Where do I even begin...  I wish I was on your dream vacation right now!  Oh, how I need some sunshine and down time.  I could really use one of your cappuccino's and a pancake, too!  YUM.  And, yes people, please get your mammograms and do self checks!  My mother also has breast cancer at the age of 37.  It's so important to take good care of yourself, so make an appointment today!