NYC - Part II

We're on to Part II and my final post on NYC.  I know it's not always fun to look travel photos from other people, but I'm showing you anyway.  At least I've edited them way down.  Neither of these recaps posts are in chronological order, so bear with me.

The first night of Blogfest, I got to meet and chat with Thom Felicia.  What a nice man. He even kissed me on the cheek, but I guess he probably does that with everyone.  So charming!  I'm pictured here with Ted Kennendy Watson, also from Seattle who I adore and of course the lovely Tiffany.  I know, I look like I was hit by a truck, but it was a very long day and the weather was less than desirable.

Waterworks.  Can't get enough of Waterworks.  Here are a few things I fell in love with.

Did not want to climb out of this tub, but the store was closing.  Someday I will have this tub, although for now I'll have to settle for the bath mat.  It too was heaven!  Do you think they'd mind if I moved in?

Back to reality...

Really love the floor tiles at Fishs Eddy when you step inside their shop.

Who wants a rotisserie in their kitchen?  I do, I do!!!  Am I the only one who goes to showhouses and takes photos of things like this?  This La Cornue beauty was in the Kips Bay Showhouse.

Charming street in SOHO.

Beautiful Carleton V window at the D&D building.  Another place I could have spent days in.

Inspired by the doorways just walking down the street.  Stunning!

And was thrilled to finally meet Tina from The Enchanted Home at Fig & Olive for lunch on my final day.  I swear we could have talked for hours on end.  I feel like I've known her forever!  Truly so much fun to be around and I absolutely love her to pieces.  Thank you Tina, you are beyond fabulous!!!

So there's my trip to NYC in a nutshell.  

While it's always fun to get away, there's certainly no place like home!

Marianne Simon