Cannon Beach

I spent last week in Cannon Beach, OR for our annual family vacation.  For the last several years we have spent our 4th of July here and we love the charming town, ocean breezes and walks on the beach.  It's the perfect place to unwind and unplug, although I didn't have much of a choice since cell phone service was pretty much non-existent!  

Aren't the hanging baskets gorgeous?!  They must use a lot of Miracle Grow!

Charlotte loves to feel the breeze on her face.  Too cute on the beach chair!

Love this painted 'beach access' sign at our hotel.

Both dogs love to run on the beach.  Too bad there were other dogs around or I would have let them off their leashes.  The shadow makes them look like they have on two leashes, which is not the case.

The gorgeous sunsets enjoyed from our room.  Just beautiful!

See you next year, Cannon Beach!


Marianne Simon