Don't Skimp On The Details

I'm often asked about some key things in the home you shouldn't skimp on.  Of course, there are things like the ones I mentioned in this post, but what about the details?  I'm a firm believer in buying the best quality you can afford, even if that means you go without something else for the time being.  I would much rather have a home filled with fewer quality things than a home filled with well, fillers and things you really don't love.  Here are three details you shouldn't skimp on and are worth the extra money if you have it...

1.  Lighting.  I can spot a cheap big box home improvement store light from miles away.  Yes, quality lighting costs more, but you get what you pay for and it makes all the difference.  One of my favorite go-to sources is Visual Comfort/Circa Lighting.  Quality through and through and worth every single little penny.  I also love a great antique or vintage light, too!

2.  Faucets & Fittings.  You will touch these multiple times every single day.  Again, buy the very best you can. A few of my personal favorites are Rohl and Waterworks.  I am head over heels for this Rohl faucet in my own kitchen. Yes, I had to save up for it when I did my remodel, but it's been one of the best investments as far as I'm concerned. 

3.  Hardware.  I might as well put myself on repeat.   Same as the above, no surprise.  Remember, it's OK to mix metals, too.  You don't need everything in a room or entire home to be the same finish.  Mixing metals makes it more interesting, so go for it and have fun!  For this custom dining piece I designed for a client (sorry for the iphone photo for this one), I had to convince her that polished nickel would make all the difference from the rest of her home that has brushed nickel.  It really makes the piece more special and they love it!

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Marianne Simon